Xuhan Huang

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    Greetings! This is Xuhan, which is an Industrial Design junior student at Arizona State University. And I'm also taking Digital Culture as my minor. My first language is Mandarin Chinese, and I was born and grew up with love in the Anhui province, China. I enjoy teamwork and collaboration. I believe people-oriented and natural environments should be the most important factors of design. 

     When in my free time, I take part in numerous other hobbies which will help to discover more creative areas. Some of my favorite things to do are photography, filming, scooter, dance. I'm an enthusiast of The Sims series. I started to play TheSims2 when I was in primary school, and I learned a lot from this game. Now, I'm posting some derivative videos of TheSims into the video website, like fan-fiction, dramas. Using the sims models be the characters in the story, editing the recorded videos to make it be a complete story.

  • 2019/5 - 2019/8    UI/UX Desinger      Anhui USTC iFLYTEK Co 

                            During the internship, I completed the following main projects with the Smart City BG:

  1. Re-design and published the company's new business brochure. Modification and redesign of company internal event posters.

  2. Working with the software designer of the "University cooperation" program, focused on the front-end interaction design of the university website.

  3. Analyzing the feedback from user and software designer, fix and redesign the UI interaction problem of the company visitor's system in PC and APP.

  4. Designing the parking user interface page of the large-screen projection screen (4mx6m) in the company park. Effectively alleviate the parking pressure of the company's 8,000 employees.


  • 2019/5 - 2019/8    交互设计师             科大讯飞股份有限公司 

                             1.公司新对外业务宣传手册, 2.高校 类项目合作,大学网站前端交互设计 3.内部活动海报修改及更进完善                               4.公司内 部智慧园区访客系统APP及小程序的UI设计与完善 5. 园内大屏投屏UI设计修改与更进完善