Bone Headphone+Aida App

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User Research

Due to the pandemic, people's daily lives have seen a big shift towards remote and stay-at-home activities, including spending more time with their families. However, for senior citizens who live independently learning how to use smart devices to stay in communication with the family has become a major obstacle. Particularly because 1. App has different features and elusive UI operations presenting issues with user experience. 2. People are no longer satisfied with simple phone calls. 3. The ability to spend less social time with others may cause a person distress

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Bone headphone

1.Reduce the step to use social media. Senior citizen doesn't have to learn new stuff, just need to wear this glasses, say the instructions, the needs will through the APP to do. 
2. Remit the anxiety motion, and protect senior citizen's dignity and face.  Combatting social isolation, increasing well-being.
3.Bone Conduction Hearing Aids: Uses a sound pickup unit to receive sound through the intelligent integrated module to drive vibrator vibration, the sound can be directly transmitted through the skull to the inner ear


Aida App

Physical glasses are accompanied by an assistance app that helps senior citizens use their smart devices by simplifying the ability to connect with their families during these times. The glasses feature voice assistance, which allows the user to hear new messages at any time instead of traditional UI operation. All other apps messages will be sent to the Aida App as a way to increase the ease of use for our target audience.

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