The Fork APP

2020 ASU Design school Competition

Team Member:

Xuhan Huang, Andrew Harvey 

Solana Pearson, Sydney Roach

Director & Producer: Xuhan Huang


The Fork is a hybrid culinary experience for students of all disciplines across Arizona State campuses and online. It creates a multicultural opportunity for students from a variety of backgrounds to share and try recipes from their peers. This program includes access to the app which connects students in a multitude of ways. The app aides them to meet up and try new foods together, share their cooking processes, and even apply to be lead chefs themselves. The Fork encourages education and connection by gathering recipes that bring students home and connect them back to their roots in an entertaining social environment.

​It is recommended that students record their cooking process to share it with friends and family back home. Using innovative industrial design, we made the sharing process simple and safe. A phone stand is installed on every student’s cookspace. The student can place their phone into the steam-safe phone compartment and record their actions through a bird’s-eye view of the counter. The phone stand’s wheels latch to the countertop so that it can be rolled to follow movements across the counter while still keeping the phone safe and sturdy for the video. Once the recipe is complete, share it to the app for other peers to follow along!



 Right: this average picture mix by 9 Chinese faces and one Saudi Arabia face. From 20 to 70 years old.

 Left: this average picture mix by 4 asians, and they all my family members.

From 20 to 70 years old.



2020 Wangyi Mini Game demo

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